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Erie Real Estate Photos

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by Brian Matthews
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One of the most expensive and most important assets a person will own in their lifetime is their home. It is a place where families have lived, grown, made memories and passed on. When it comes time to sell their home, in most cases they will entrust the skills and experience of a realtor to do so. To market their home to potential buyers as best as they can.


Nearly all buyers start their search online. Scrolling through hundreds of listings with an average attention span of only 2 seconds! When scrolling through your Facebook or Instagram, what draws your attention? When potential buyers are scrolling through listings, what draws their attention? The answer here is the same. Well done professional photos that stand out from the pack command the attention of its viewers.


This is perhaps one of the best ways of presenting and marketing their home to potential buyers by using a professional photographer to photograph the home. Not only will this build your professional brand, but will also help to sell the home faster and typically for more money!


Using a professional photographer is an investment into your brand and into your pocket.


So, why choose to work with me? I’m glad you asked! I have been in the photography industry for over 25 years. I have 10 years of marketing, design and layout experience. I also have a 5 star rating on Google for photography and customer service and I always deliver excellent results!

Return on Investment


Professional photos free up time to focus on other money making business!


Professional photos typically sell homes faster and for more money!


Professional photos stand out and draw more buyer attention and offers!


Professional photos help to build your brand as a professional realtor!

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