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Our Story

Reach Media Productions, based in Erie, Pennsylvania, specializes in video marketing, particularly in determining your strategic visual narrative.  We cater to various industries including healthcare, manufacturing, and real estate. Reach Media emphasizes tailored video solutions to boost brand awareness, online visibility, and customer engagement. Our services cover the entire process from discovery and pre-production to the actual production and post-production editing. We'd like to highlight our direct experience in the manufacturing, healthcare, and marketing sectors, which we believe gives us an advantage in brand and narrative development.

Our Mission

Reach Media Productions is committed to empowering small to medium-sized businesses by creating impactful video content that enhances brand awareness and engages audiences effectively. Our mission is to leverage the power of storytelling through video to connect our clients with their target market, fostering growth and establishing a lasting digital footprint. We prioritize creativity, quality, and strategic marketing to ensure that every video campaign delivers measurable results, making our clients' visions come to life in Erie, PA, and beyond.

What's a Brand Story Video?

A brand story video is a compelling narrative conveyed through video content. It showcases the essence, values, and unique qualities of a business or brand, building a strong emotional connection with the audience and communicating what the brand truly stands for.

Why Does Your Business Need One?

A brand story video is crucial for any business. It elevates your brand from simply offering goods or services to becoming a relatable entity with deep values, history, and purpose. It creates an emotional bond with your audience, setting you apart in a saturated market and fostering loyalty by showcasing not just what you do, but why you do it.

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